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Carers Assessment

Most carers are aware that the person they care for can get support.  However, they often donít realise that they can also get support for themselves.  It is the duty of statutory services (now enshrined in law in the 'Carers Recognition and Services Act', 1996), to ensure that carers needs are assessed. Additionally there is the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004, which strengthens the duty of statutory service providers in relation to Carers.

The Carer's Act entitles carers to request that their own ability to provide care for the person should be assessed by the local authority and the results of such an assessment should be taken into account when the local authority is making a decision about the provision of community care services.

A Carers Assessment looks at your needs and whether you are able to receive support.  All carers needs are different, however the kind of services you could receive include a break from caring, help with the housework or gardening, information and emotional support. 

The assessment will also look at your ability and willingness to continue caring.  You can get a Carers Assessment even if the person you care for doesnít have an assessment of their own needs and even if the cared for person says they donít want you to have your own assessment.  If you were assessed in the past and your needs have changed you can get a re-assessment.  The assessment is normally carried out by a social worker, but can also be carried out by any health or social care professional through the Community Mental Health Team.

Preparing for the assessment

A Carers Assessment is your opportunity to highlight your needs and what would make caring easier for you.  To get the most out of it you may wish to think about, or make some notes on the following:

  • Do you and the person you care for live together, and is this working out?
  • What you do? Ė this could include: cooking, cleaning, helping with bathing, collecting benefits, shopping and assisting  with mobility. 
  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you care during the day and night?
  • Is your physical or mental health being affected by caring?
  • Can you leave the person you care for by themselves?
  • Are you their only carer?
  • Will you, or have you had to give up work?  - would you benefit from more flexible working arrangements?
  • How often do you get a break from caring?
  • Would you welcome the opportunity for further education or training?
  • Does the person you care for need more help than you can provide?
  • What would happen to you and the person you care for in an emergency?
  • You may wish to talk about these questions with the person you care for.

What happens after the Carers Assessment?

The person completing the assessment with you will discuss what you feel would help you to continue to care (if you choose to continue to care). If there is a need to provide a service either to you, or the person you care for this would result in a Care Plan. If it was decided that services were not needed at the time of the assessment you would be given appropriate advice and information and signposted to organisations that may be able to help. This can include services provided by independent, voluntary and private organisations.  You can access many of the services mentioned throughout this booklet directly.

If you would like to talk to someone about the Carersí Assessment before asking for one to be arranged from Social Services you can call the Carers Centre on 029 2022 1439 for information and advice.

To get a Carerís Assessment contact either:

Cardiff County Council on 029 2053 6444

Vale of Glamorgan Council on 01446 731100

You are entitled to a Carers Assessment by law and it is free of charge.



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Gofal Cymru - New Project

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