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Changing the text size used on this site
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Every effort has been made to ensure that this website is highly accessible to all users.

If you experience problems with accessing any of the information on this site please let us know.

Making text size larger or smaller

For improved visibility you may be able to increase the size of text and alter the choice of font.

At the top of the page next to the "Font size" heading there are three links, to increase the size of the text click on the largest 'A'. To reduce the size of the type click the smallest 'A'.


A breadcrumb is used to show the user the root from the home page to the page that you're currently viewing. Image 1.0 Shows that the user is currently viewing "City and County of Cardiff Council page"
You can click the sub sections of the breadcrumb to go to that page, as shown in Image 1.1, the user clicks on "Adult Mental Health: General Services".

Image 1.0
Image 1.1


Menu Navigation

The menu navigation is located on the left of the web site. The main headings are shown in dark blue as shown in image 1.0. When a main heading is clicked it then shows the sub menus of that heading, as shown in image 1.1.


'Sections' is a tool that shows other sections that are available under the same heading. Also at the bottom of the section tool there is a return to link, this is used to return to the previous heading.

Search tool

The search tool can be used to search for key words in the Services, online directory and news sections. Type in the keyword you wish to search for . Click go and a page will appear with the results. Click on the link to view the page.


The footer is located at the bottom of the web site, this will appear throughout the site. It can be used to navigate through the services, online directory, network groups and links sections. Under each section are the sub headings and they can be clicked to take you to that page.

Site map

The site map displays the main headings and the sub headings of each section of the web site. Click on the link to view that page. Only the main headings and sub headings are displayed in the site map.