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The British Medical Journal's website. Gives information on evidence based treatments. It's been designed for patients, is worded simply and clearly and is completely independent.

Patient UK
The aim of this website is to provide non-medical people in the UK with good quality information about health and disease. The authors do this by writing evidence based information leaflets on a wide range of medical and health topics. They also review health and illness related websites and link to many of these from the web directory included on this website. UK sites are the primary links in the web directory as they feel that residents in the UK prefer to obtain health information from UK sources. They also suggest some links to selected overseas sites.

Peter Gill & Associates
Peter Gill & Associates is a Cardiff based design agency offering creative solutions for corporate and marketing communications. Our passion for bold and original creative work is matched by a clear understanding of what effective communication is all about. With over 20 years experience and a high tech team we operate at the leading edge of our field, providing clients with powerful concepts and solutions for marketing, advertising, design and digital media.

Royal College of Psychiatrists
Promotes research and provides information on a range of clinically diagnosed mental health issues.

Scottish Recovery Network
"The Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) was formally launched in 2004 as an initiative designed to raise awareness of recovery from mental health problems. Since then interest in the concept of recovery has increased greatly in Scotland. We now understand more about what recovery means to people and are thinking carefully about the implications for the way we support people with mental health issues."

Journal on mental health, dementia, (including Alzheimer's disease, stroke, depression etc.), and memory problems.

The Centre for Mental Health Services Development Wales
The Centre for Mental Health Services Development Wales is a not-for-profit organisation, with a commitment the continuing development of mental health services across the whole of Wales

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
the Foundation supports a programme of research and development in the fields of housing, social care and social policy

Statutory Sector

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
The website of the Cardiff & Vale UHB

Hands on Scotland
HandsOnScotland is an online resource for anybody working with or caring for children and young people. The website provides practical information and techniques on how to respond helpfully to children and young people's troubling behaviour and offers advice and activities on how to help them flourish.

Health Challenge Cardiff
Health Challenge Cardiff is a local campaign building on the national Health Challenge Wales concept. Our aim is to help and encourage you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Through this site we aim to let you know about the wealth of information and activities going on in the city so that you can make informed choices about improving your health and well being.

National institute for mental health in england
Part of the NHS, NIMHE supports local communities to improve mental health and the quality of services for people affected by mental health problems.

NHS Direct
NHS Direct Wales is a health advice and information service available 24 hours a day, every day.

NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine
NHS Evidence - complementary and alternative medicine aims to identify the best available evidence for complementary and alternative medicine.

NHS Wales
HOWIS, the official website of NHS Wales, is a seamless service bringing together information sources about the health and lifestyle of the population of Wales into a simple, electronic-based service.

Voluntary Sector

AWETU ('Our Unity' in Swahili), is the first national organisation dedicated solely to working with the public and private sector, user and survivor groups, and voluntary agencies to promote and foster the mental health of Black and Minority Ethnic individuals, families, and communities in Wales.

Cardiff Beat
Cardiff Beat is a pro-recovery self help group for people recovering from eating disorders.

CASIP is the first user-led self injury project based in Cardiff for adults over 18 years, care givers and healthcare professionals.

Information for those who have been or know someone affected by death

Dementia Carers - Problem Shared
A website and forum set up to support carers by an ordinary person who has real experience of caring for a loved one through the various stages of dementia. Shared experience and support for anyone making this journey.

Working with individuals recovering from severe mental illness and their families in Wales

Mental health foundation
UK charity working in mental health and learning disabilities

Provides information on a variety of Mind campaigns to create a better life for everyone experiencing mental distress

Provides a range of relationship support services

'Rethink' is the new operating name for the 'National Schizophrenia Fellowship'.

Speak Up!
Speak Up! is a project run by the Mental Health Foundation to improve mental health services for people aged 16-25

The Amber Project
'The Amber Project' works with young people (aged 16-25) who have experience of self-harm, based in Cardiff

The Compassionate Friends
Assists families toward a positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and provides information to help others to be supportive

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (SCMH) is a charity that works to improve the quality of life for people with severe mental health problems. It carries out research, development and training work to influence policy and practice in health and social care

Young Minds
A national charity committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people