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Community Service - Cardiff

The Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Cardiff are provided by Cardiff and the Vale NHS Trust in association with the City and County of Cardiff, and is based at St David’s Hospital, Canton.


The service aims to provide a range of interventions for children and young people and their families experiencing psychiatric, psychological and emotional difficulties.
The team offers help at the secondary and tertiary level of referral with mental health disorder, ie tose problems in children, adolescents and their families which cannot be resolved solely with the help of primary services.

The Service
The service is multi-disciplinary and consists of Specialist Community Nurses, Child Psychiatrists, Family Therapists, Child Psychologists and a Child Psychotherapist.

The types of referral range from young people with serious mental illness, to those who are experiencing loss and disruptions in significant family relationships. Currently the service is provided to for children and young people aged 0 – 16 years, or for those in full time education up to the age of 17.

The development of links with the young person’s family and environment are very important elements in the work. A range of interventions are provided including individual, family and group sessions and consultations with referring professionals.

There are a number of specific services provided by CAMHS including the Drug and Alcohol Misuse Service. The service also provides support to primary care professionals working with children and families through our primary mental health team. If you would like more information please contact Paul Mason or Debbie Savery.

Most referrals are made via a GP, but referrals will also be accepted from Social Workers, Educational Psychologists, Paediatricians, Health Visitors and Voluntary Agencies. Emergency referrals will only be accepted from GP's.
The out of hours on call service can be accessed Heath Hospital Switchboard, 029 2074 7747
West side of Cardiff Dr. Azra Sabir, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
East side of cardiff Dr. Helen Holmes, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
St Davids Hospital, Cowbridge Rd. East, Cardiff, CF11 9XB

Tel:029 2053 6730


Updated August 2007


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