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Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Development Project (CVMHDP)

Cardiff & the Vale

Local Mental Health Development Service        Charity No. 1081806

Summary of aims & objectives:
The Project aims to benefit those people who experience mental health problems by assisting the work of voluntary organisations, mental health service user and carer groups.

The Project provides a local mental health development service for voluntary sector groups with an interest in mental health, mental health service user and carer groups.

The work of CVMHDP includes support to the voluntary sector, user and carer groups in relation to training and development, information sharing, co-ordination of joint working and involvement in the planning and provision of services. The work is tailored to the needs of the constituency by the production of an annual workplan.

Some examples of the work of CVMHDP include:

  • Servicing &/or facilitation of various networks, currently including:

            Cardiff & Vale Mental Health Forum

            Bro Taf Voluntary Sector Mental Health Network

            Cardiff & Vale Service User Forum

            Carers Involvement Group (Carers of Older People with Mental Health needs)

(Some of these networks are serviced by the user and carer involvement development projects outlined below).

  • Information - regular newsletter, & maintenance of Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Services Directory – available on our website.
  • Support for voluntary sector groups on funding advice and service development in relation to mental health.
  • Training – circulation of information and co-ordination of training opportunities in relation to the needs of the constituencies
    Cardiff and Vale Service User Involvement Development Project - works with people who use adult mental health services and service providers, to develop effective way for service users views to influence the development and delivery of services.
    Examples of the SUIDP's work include:
    • Supporting the Service User Forum to have a voice in the planning and delivery of mental health services.
    • Co-ordinating opportunities for training - e.g. building skills for greater involvement.
    • Supporting the development of service user involvement in the recruitment of mental health staff in statutory services.
    • Working with Statutory and Voluntary Sector Services to develop service user involvement, policy and practice within all aspects of their services.

      Cardiff & Vale Older People’s Carer & Service User Involvement Project

      Initiated by carers of older people with mental health needs, this project was developed in liaison with CVMHDP who now manage both the Cardiff and Vale Development Workers.

      The Development Workers promote and formalise carer, and where possible, service user involvement in the joint planning process and implementation of services.

      The main responsibilities of this project are:

      • To work with carers to identify and support their needs in relation to involvement
      • Actively promote their involvement in the joint planning process groups
      • Ensure that their voices are heard
      • Provide support to carers in meeting, raising, discussing and responding to issues about mental health services
      • Assisting carers to prepare for, attend, and participate in meetings with service providers, commissioners etc and to respond to consultations
      • Include, where possible, all the above with service users of older people’s mental health services

      People requiring support or information may contact the Project direct and/or join any of the networks as appropriate.

      Linda Newton [Director]

      Daniel Smith [Service User Involvement Development Worker]

      Jane Patreane [Older People’s Carer and User Involvement Development Officer, Cardiff]

      Matthew Salisbury [Older People’s Carer and User Involvement Development Officer, Vale]

      Carol Cooke [Office Manager]

      Caroline Evans [Information and Admin Officer]

      Unit 11, Williams Court, Trade Street, Cardif CF10 5DQ.

      Tel: 029 2022 2000

      Fax: 029 2023 8258

      email: mail@cvmhdp.org.uk

      website: www.cvmhdp.org.uk

      Updated July 2007


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