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The Wallich - Bridgend Roughsleepers Intervention Team

Bridgend County Borough
Voluntary Sector                                              Charity No. 1004103
Summary of aims & objectives:


  • To eradicate the harm and trauma caused by rough sleeping
  • To reduce the numbers of rough sleepers and vulnerably housed individuals
  • To provide advice and assistance
  • To make an assessment of needs and subsequent referral to appropriate agencies to coordinate a variety of services targeted at the individual’s needs

The outreach project provides humanitarian aid and assistance to roughsleepers in Bridgend (Monday – Friday, 7am). A worker can visit anyone in the Borough who is considered vulnerable, or leading a street based lifestyle to give advice and assistance in housing, homelessness, applications benefits etc. A worker can make referrals to appropriate accommodation and will provide continued practical and active support during and after resettlement

Referrals can be made through external agencies or be self referrals. Individuals can be met anywhere in the Borough or at the Wallich Clifford drop in centre, 5A Market Street, Bridgend



Tel: 01656 674184

Mobile: 07905 425 107

Updated January 2006


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