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Alcohol and Drugs

Alcoholics Anonymous 

Tel:  0845 769 7555

Website: www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

Council for Information on Tranquillisers and Anti-depressants (CITA)  

Office number: 0151 474 9626

Helpline open 10am-1pm

Tel: 0151 932 0102

Website: www.citawithdrawal.org.uk

Provides confidential information and service to callers about alcohol related addictions.

Helpline open 24hrs

Tel: 0800 917 8282
Narcotics Anonymous  

Provides confidential advice to help people who consider themselves an addict and organises help groups where people can share their experience with other users.

Tel: 020 7730 0009

Website: www.ukna.org

National Drugs Helpline

Provides free advice, support and information to those worried about drug addiction.

Helpline open 24hrs

Tel: 0800 776 600

Website: www.ndh.org.uk


Professional drugs information service specialising in misuse and addiction to non prescribed over the counter drugs and medicines. Free confidential service to clients, friends, families and professionals, which includes specialised withdrawal programmes.

Open 11am 3pm Monday to Friday, 7-10pm Tuesday evenings
Tel: 01387 770 404

Website: www.over-count.org.uk

Advice, support and information for parents, family and friends of drug misusers.

Admin line: 0151 356 1996

Helpline open 24hrs

Tel: 08457 023 867

Email: padahelp@btineternet.com

Website: www.pada.org.uk


Helpline for smokers wanting to stop & people trying to remain ex-smokers.

Tel: 0800 002 200

Website: www.quit.org.uk

Drugs & legal helpline for drug users family, friends and professionals.

Admin Number: 020 7729 5255

Helpline open 11am-5.30pm

Tel: 020 7729 9904


Release- Drugs Helpline
Two lawyers and three drugs advisors available to give help and advice on issues relating to drugs.

Open 10.30pm-5.30 pm Mon-Fri                

Tel: 020 7749 4053

or 0845 4500 215

Website: www.release.org.uk


Provides information and support to those worried about solvent abuse. Also referral service.

Mon-Fri 9am 5pm. Answerphone giving information and emergency contact at other times      

Tel: 0808 800 2345

30A High Street, Stone, Staffordshire. ST15 8AW.

Website:  www.re-solv.org.


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